Media Center

Books circulate for two weeks and may be renewed for the same amount of time. Only two library books per patron at any one time (this does not include Chromebook or textbooks that are circulated to individual students). Fines for overdue books are $0.25 per item for every day that the item is late. Privileges may be suspended until all fines are paid in full. All damages to books beyond reasonable wear and all losses shall be paid to the Media Center promptly. Each borrower is held responsible for all books charged on their account and for all fines accruing on the same account.* eBooks are available, but you must create an account first. On the 'Create Account' tab, use your first initial and last name with no spaces (jdoe, for example). Your password will be your student ID number. Use a 'P' and a space prior to keying in your bar code number. (Example: P 2345). OR, if you are a Chromebook user, use your Chromebook log in password for Destiny password. If you have any questions, please contact the library. After you create your account, you may check out eBooks to read on your computer, Kindle, or iPad. These books are circulated for 21 days and will return automatically. Enjoy!!

Chromebooks are issued from the library. If you have an accident with your Chromebook or it needs repair, please bring it  to the library and we can assist you. There is a $25 usage fee per year per student. This allows you to use the Chromebook for the year. Within that usage fee there is a warranty for one incident. This could be used for a new bag, a new charger, or one item repair. Sometimes repairs are for more than one item and at that point, a fine could be incurred beyond the scope of the warranty. 

Chargers and Chromebooks are not loaned out for students that forget to bring their items to school. The student may (with teacher’s permission) come to the library for that class period and use a charger or a Chromebook in the library. A Chromebook may also be left in the library to be charged while a student attends class. 

Student Powerschool passwords and Google passwords are available in the library.